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Turbo Tax is a software package for the preparation of tax. It was developed by Michael A.Chipman in US. It offers a wide variety of versions like Turbo Tax Premier, Turbo Tax Deluxe and many others. Actually it guides the customers for tax returns process. User can access the support center any time to get the help related to their problems. In this article you will be told how to get the help online from the website.

What Are Basic Requirements To Get The Help?

  • You should have a computer or any other related system.
  • You requires a fast working internet connection.

How User Can Access The Support Center To Get The Help?

  • First of all open the authorized website of Turbo Tax to access the support center.
  • Follow up the link which is given as
  • As the website opens you have to locate the option which is labeled as “Help”. Click on it and select the option marked as “Visit Our Help Center” from the drop down.
  • As you select the option you will be directed to another web page where you have to “Select the Platform” from the available options.
  • After selecting the platform enter your questions about your problem and click “Continue”.
  • Now you will get an access to the available answers for your question.
  • You can also call the help center to get more help regarding your problem if you are not satisfied with the given answer.


By accessing the Turbo Tax you can get the help about related topic from the support center.

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