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United Airline was founded in 1926 in Boise. Its head offices are in Chicago, Illinois and United States. Its services makes it a leading airline. Most of the people of America prefer to travel by this airline as it provides excellent services. Company aims to provide better traveling facilities to its customers. Travelers can track their lost luggage by accessing the website of airline. User simply requires a file reference number. You can track your bag by following the instructions mentioned below.


  • User must have a computer with the internet connection.
  • Keep the file reference number in hand.
  • Visit the stated URL.


  • Open the website of United Airlines by putting the given URL in the search bar of internet web browser or any other search engine. Please follow up the given link
  • As the homepage opens you will found some specified blocks which you are required to type in the given blanks carefully.
  • After that enter the ten digits reference file number in the given box.
  • In the next step give your last name in the given field and click on the button marked as “Continue”.
  • Now you have to follow the process which will take you to track the luggage.
  • If you don’t have the reference file number then click on the blue color link present above the specified blocks.
  • In this way you can easily avail the service and track your lost bag.


User can get his lost luggage on United Airlines by following the above instructions. Company is serving its customers with responsibility and hospitality.

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