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Postal Service has many workers for delivering mail around America. There are jobs within USPS referred as, ‘casual’. These are mainly postal services, and last 89 days, short of 3-month testing periods most have for newcomers. Getting casual work with the company takes effort, but standards are easily met, so you can take a shot at it.


The instructions are as below for getting into casual positions offered by the company. Read carefully before attempting to apply:

  • Locate casual job openings. You can also watch out for postings coming up in local branches, or checkout the website to search out jobs posted.
  • This’ll require an onsite profile, but also apply for work you read about through website, using same profile.
  • Meet basic requirements for getting employed by the company.

Review Requirements Of Job.

  • Casual work requires you to be 18-years- old or high-school graduate, so you can be registered, if male, for selective service. Men born Jan. 1, 1960, must register, which lists able-bodied men the government drafts for war.
  •  You must be a legal immigrant or a citizen.
  • You may be required to state employment history going back 7 years, and confirm you live 50 miles of center location, you are likely to be working in.
  • Apply for various positions that are available there. The job description will instruct you how you must apply. You’ll need to get physical application with resume to give to hiring center, or apply online. Once completely filling online profile at the website, they’ll then have all necessary info to enable you apply online.
  • Pass the interview, drug test, and training. Once through all these 3 important steps, you’ll become a casual employee officially and be employed for 89 days, barring any incident that prompts you to be fired.

How To Apply?

  • Visit .
  • Scroll down the page and click on the “career” link.
  • Click on the link “start your e-Career profile”.
  • Enter your name and user data such as user name, password and email.
  • Click on the “register” button at the end.
  • Once you are register, you can log in to your account through user id and password.

Job Search:

  • Click the link “search our latest jobs opening”.
  • Enter key word, city, location, zip code and functional area.
  • Click on the “start” button to search for the job.

What Postal Service terms, ‘casual,’ employment, the others call excepted service. Generally speaking, excepted service will mean federal agencies have authority for hiring temporary workers under not-so-strict guidelines than appointments given under, ‘service.’ An excepted position doesn’t get you permanent employment, but job experience won’t hurt if applying for federal competitive or other such jobs. Next time visiting national parks during summertime, note the majority Park Rangers are, ‘seasonal,’ or temporary employees of the federal government called excepted employees!

Getting back, it’s worth trying 89 days. Better be hired for summer and spring than winter, and be overworked at Christmas time with same pay. Besides, if you are unemployed and position is offered and refused by you, you may be minus unemployment benefits; though, unlikely that the company reports on you. As for bureaucracy, don’t sweat. Just ensure all paperwork be correct so you’ll get paid on time and correctly and avoid trouble at any time. This opportunity is worth giving a try since it lets you earn money in a short time and let you be prepared for a great career as well.

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