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It should be noted that every slip that is bought contains five play panel i.e. A-E and you are given chance to play five on every slip. The play will cost only $2.00 each and tickets are bought each Wednesday and Saturday of the week before 9:59 p.m.

  • Play slip that is bought from the west Virginia Lottery retailer.

Step by step guidelines:

  • Join www.valottery.com via internet
  • Select a Powerball Jackpot play slip from Lottery Retailer in West Virginia.
  • On your slip start with Panel A and mark five distinct boxes beginning from 1 and 59 in the top section of the slip but take note that red ink is not allowed.
  • Then the bottom section of the screen should be marked starting from 1 and 35 that stands for all of your number.
  • Mark the box “Easy Pick” so that you allow the computer to randomly pick your numbers.
  • Continue to play your number selection if you so wish for more drawings by checking the box “Multi-Draw” for the 2nd, 4th’ 8th, 10th, 12th, or even 24th drawings.
  • You can also opt to pay the POWERPLAY option that would increase your price and it should be noted that this option costs an added $1.00 for each POWERBALL play. It is selected by marking the box that is labeled “POWERBALL” that is found on the slip
  • Give your marked play slip to the clerk at the store and he/she will give you a ticket that contains numbers.
  • Finally view Powerball draw on the Television station on the next day to find out if you won or not.
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