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Vax is a retailer store which sells different sort of electronic products for home and office use. It also gives the facility of online shopping and apply for guarantee of purchased product by registering it o the website of the company by following the given procedure. This process of registration takes only a few minutes. It is necessary to register your product within 28 days from the date of its purchasing.


  • User must have a PC with internet connection.
  • You must have purchased something from the company.
  • Visit the stated URL.
  • You must file the registration guarantee within 28 days after buying the product.


  • Access the website for claiming procedure of purchased item by following the given link
  • User must have the serial number of purchased product written on the receipt.
  • Choose the item which you purchased from the given list and want to claim for that particular product.
  • After choosing the item you have to select the range of your product from the available list.
  • Move forward by picking up the model number in the model box and click on “Select button”.
  • Give your personal details like name, email ID, contact number as asked in the respective fields.
  • Enter your purchase details including Guarantee Duration, Serial Number, Purchase date, location and price in given fields.
  • Lastly click on the submit button and complete the request of guarantee registration.
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