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Through the help of online surveys provided by different companies, people can win numerous exciting prizes. Not only prizes but now companies also provide them chance of winning enormous cash prizes. It is the easiest way of earning great prizes for people but this can only be done when you provide your sincere opinions and ideas to people. Through vintage inns surveys people can win 1000 cash prize. Steps which are involved in the procedure are quite simple. You must have availed their services in your life and then you can start their survey process quite easily.


  • For starting this process of taking part in survey you need to open the following web address .
  • After this type the telephone number in the box which will be written at your receipt.
  • Click the “Enter” button and you will enter into their survey.
  • They would ask you to give rating about the overall services which they provided you.
  • Tell them which thing you liked the most during your visit.
  • Inform them about the thing which was not up to the mark.
  • You can add your additional comments and suggestions in the end where a comment box will appear.
  • Provide your contact number to them so that if you win 1000 cash they can get into contact with you.
  • For submitting your survey to them, just click the ‘submit’ button.


This survey is best source of winning cash prize of ₤1000. Besides this prize they will also give you the chance to get to know their latest services and offers they provide in their company. They value the opinions and suggestions given by you to them and they try their best to overcome all their short comings.

About Company:

It is located on the Napa Valley and it is based on a 23 acre Vintage estate. People can enjoy their stay in the lush green gardens and make their trip a memorable one. For any of your vacation or another occasion this spot is the perfect one for people.

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