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Virgin Mobile is an international brand of Mobile phones. It is based in United Kingdom and also operating in various countries like Australia, France, Canada, Greece and others. Virgin Mobile Online Picture message is a service provided to those people who don’t have phone with camera. You can view the message by entering the 8 digit code which you received via text message. You can view, download or send the received picture message via email.

 What are the basic needs for the getting picture message?

  • You should be a Virgin Mobile user in UK.
  • You need to have a PC with the internet connection.
  • You must keep the text message which would inform you about picture message.

 How one can check the picture message on Virgin Mobile website?

 Go through the following guidelines to view the message:

  • Open the authorized website of the Virgin Mobile by following the given link to view the message.
  • It is necessary that you should visit the website within 30 days after receiving the 8 digit code message on your cell phone.
  • As the homepage of the website opens you have to enter the Cell number in the given blank and click on the tab marked as “Enter”.
  • Now you are supposed to give the eight digit code which you received via text message on your phone in the given field.
  • As you enter the code you will be able to see the picture message. You can also download the image or send to your email box.
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