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You will feel you happy to get discount or free products from your favorite Walgreen store? You must be thinking how is it possible? Walgreen is offering you easy saver catalog that is giving rebate offers to the customers. This easy savor program is valid for the specific items in the store. You will get instant coupon with your purchased items to submit these codes to the online rebate center of the company to get rebates and free items. You can access rebate service online by access their webpage online that is mentioned below:

  • Follow this link www.WalgreensRebates.com and submit your rebates online.
  • After accessing the website provide some detail like RFN number from your receipt.
  • If you don’t find RFN number on your receipt then click on “Show me” option to see sample of receipt.
  • Now select the offer code from the given option and type the code into the given field.
  • And click on “Continue” button.
  • And login to your account and enter “username” and “password” and access your account.
  • If you don’t have account then register your account and complete the process.

About Company:

Walgreen is famous U.S drug store that is providing health care and daily drug services to the customers. Company is serving its customers from 1901 and it has now 8,300 stores at different places where millions of customers are shopping their needs. Company is providing new promotions and offers to the customers to give them discount.

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