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Weight Watcher is a company which facilitates the customers in providing various tips and solutions for weight loss and its maintenance. It is a globally known company in United Kingdom and was founded in 1963. By joining Monthly Pass you can get the online assistance and various other possible ways to maintain a healthy physique.


  • User must have a PC with the internet accessibility.
  • It is mandatory that user should be legal resident of United Kingdom.
  • Female user should not be pregnant.
  • You need to be 18 years old or more than this.
  • Your weight should be 5 pounds above the recommended according to height and age.

How One Can Join Monthly Pass?

Go through the given steps to join the monthly pass for accessing weight watchers:

  • Open the website of Weight Watchers Monthly pass by following the given link
  • Click on the “Login” button and a page opens where you will find the “sign up” option and you have to click on it.
  • Three options are given and you are supposed to click on “Join Now” which is present under the “Monthly Pass” option.
  • As you click on it a new web page opens which displays a form with two sections.
  • In first section you have to select a payment plan and complete the health profile accordingly.
  • In second part you have to enter the required information like give your first and last name in the respective blanks.
  • Enter your Height and Weight in the given boxes.
  • Proceed by selecting your date of birth and gender from the drop down menu.
  • Answer “yes” or “no” if you have the eating disorder in the next part.
  • Lastly click on “Continue” to show your agreement with the terms and conditions of company and join Monthly Pass.
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