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Now day’s online banking facility is commonly used by all the bank account holders, they like to sit at home or office to want to make transactions by logging into the account not by the direct visit. So this bank is also facilitating the customers to get online access to their accounts.

Series Of Steps To Follow:

  • Take a tour of this online banking services site www.wellsfargo.com and get web account facility.
  • First of you will be navigated to the  home page of the bank and see the main menu horizontally present on the page click on “Banking” tab and see the drop down menu and choose the option “Online Banking” and click on it to move on the next page.
  • Next see two red buttons one is for “Sign Up Now” and 2nd is “Sign On” button, one should avail first button to get registered here and 2nd for logging into the account if already registered here.
  • Click on “Sign Up Now” button to get enrolled here,  see the next page that contains online form with some blank fields, you have to enter details over it correctly.
  • Enter you social security number if you don’t have this you can enter ITIN number into the fields and if you have not these two details then call at this number 1-800-956-4442 to get alternative option.
  • Now enter your account number or ATM card number but it should be of this bank account services details not by the other bank.
  • Type your email address and re-type it again into the next field for the verification and click on “Continue” button at the end of the page.
  • Next create username and password for your online account and also give your personal and contact details before finishing the registration process.

Tip & Warnings:

  • They need you email address to send you important notification about your account.
  • You can receive your saving, installment, bill payment online statements at your account so, give valid information to get this service.

About Bank:

This bank is making real to their 20-years back dream of giving best financial services to the customers. They are getting best response by the customers from the decades and they are working more to give their customer their best.

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